lol oppression

i am not posting this to be mean or grumpy but just to comment on the nature of tumblr, which i like to do from time to time.

i really REALLY like tumblr; i’ve had this for a year now and that’s longer than i’ve kept up with any sort of blog (though tumblr for me isn’t really a blog, more like a public shared google reader page where i also whine about being transgender and occasionally post pictures of my clothes, cats, and cakes).

i have met several people through tumblr, a couple of whom i am actually really good friends with now; i wouldn’t trade that for anything.


i find it interesting that i can post a picture of a pretty stand mixer or something from hyperbole and a half about avoiding people for the internet (which is still getting reblogged from time to time, even though i posted it months ago) and that will get 300 reblogs in an hour

and i can post a screenshot of mubarek resigning, or something about something oppressive, or a picture of fat identified folks looking fucking hot, etc etc, and it will get maybe three or four reblogs

what is the point of tumblr?  what are we here for?  how can we mix the gawking and admiring of beautiful things/art/lovely objects with actual constructive thought and discourse?

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    I find your art posts inspiring more thought for me than I can really condense into responses here. I have a bunch of...
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    yeah that’s actually what i wanted to say
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    I have a weird version of this happening with my blog. See, I originally started it to document my creative journey and...
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    Saving this for my “people talking about how tumblr works within publics” file
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    reblogging for brilliant commentary. MewMew, I’m down for discourse ALWAYS.
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    aaka mewmew has no few reservations about being grumpy on tumblr finally reblogging this because i’m kind of legit...
  9. fourfs said: ….and some folks like to keep their opinions private or just off the internet.
  10. fourfs answered: Because it’s easier to share pictures of kittens with the world than to add something to the discourse…contd
  11. mixtercollins answered: EXISTENTIALIST CRISIS
  12. theenigmaticagentscully answered: i feel the same way. i also hate the unoriginality of it. more people reblog cats than important shit. :( or shit they didn’t create. boooo.
  13. autogynephile answered: Tumblr seems to be about as valuable for constructive discourse as twitter is. Best you can do is slip your rhetoric in with your gifs.
  14. yellowbeesteward answered: lol post picture of self: 50 notes. post something of actual substance: 5. oh tumblr.

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